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Stop the Christmas Tree From Catching Fire

Christmas is just a few weeks away, and while it will be a remarkable holiday season in 2021, certain traditions will be kept. Many individuals like Christmas traditions like putting up and decorating a tree. Christmas trees may provide instant holiday happiness, but they can also pose a fire risk. What’s causing these Christmas tree fires? The major culprits are electrical distribution or lighting equipment, as well as a heat source (such as a candle) that is too close to the tree. To reduce the chances of a Christmas tree from catching fire in your house, consider the following tips.

Replace artificial trees to maintain fire retardant

In the case of a fire, real trees are more dangerous, but fake trees are equally at risk. Because the flame retardant can wear out over time, even flame-resistant artificial trees may offer a fire threat, depending on their age. Did you know that an artificial Christmas tree has a six-year average functional life? Examine the longevity of your tree and follow the guidelines. If you’re buying a new fake tree, be sure it has a flame-retardant chemical in it.

Don’t leave lights plugged in

The majority of individuals keep their Christmas trees in their living rooms over the holidays. Guess what’s left unattended and connected to the wall when everyone goes to bed? The lights on your Christmas tree! Before you leave tonight, turn off the kitchen light, exactly as you would the tree. The Christmas lights might even cause a fake tree to catch fire. Christmas lights may grow pretty hot, and in certain cases, they can even start a fire. Even the most basic LED lights have the potential to get overheated.

Avoid using extension cords

Extension cables should not be used for more than a few minutes at a time. It is not a good idea to light your Christmas tree with an extension cable. Excessive usage of extension cables can cause them to overheat, posing a fire danger. Another thing to keep in mind is overloading extension cords or outlets. Utilizing one or more extension cables is preferable to using a power strip. Several products, such as light strings or seasonal decorations, can be powered by power strips. It’s also a good idea to use a GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protected circuit and inspect all wires on your Christmas tree lights and any power strips for physical signs of wear and tear.

Inspect pre-lit artificial trees each year

Pre-lit artificial trees may present electrical shock and fire hazards due to exposed wiring, too short wiring, or cables that aren’t completely connected. In terms of convenience, these trees are hard to surpass. Pre-lit trees are easy for “set it and forget it” lighting, but they can also be a fire hazard. The cables and electronics, like any other electrical cord, deteriorate over time. The issue is that the wires are concealed within the tree and hence are not visible. Take a flashlight to your tree every year and inspect every inch of cable you see. Any physical damage to the tree suggests that it should be cut down.

Check water levels daily for real trees

Real trees provide a significant fire risk. They are not flame resistant and will easily catch fire. A dried-out tree is one of the most prevalent causes of true tree fires. Every day, check the water level and add one quart of water for each inch of stem diameter.

Keep in mind that purchasing your tree too soon increases the chance of your Christmas tree catching fire since it must be kept alive and well for a longer period of time.

If a fire has damaged your home, whether or not it was caused by the holidays. Allow White Glove Restoration to assist you in restoring your fire-damaged home.

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