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San Diego Home With Mold

Mold removal and testing are two of our most requested services among homeowners and commercial property managers in the San Diego area. Mold growth in your property can be an expensive problem. If your only experience with mold remediation has been disinfecting walls affected by a busted pipe, you only have a rough idea of the damage mold can do to your home.

Even if your home does not have visible mold and mildew colonies, fungal spores can traverse the air and spread throughout your home. Humidity, adverse weather events, and moisture in the unseen areas of a home remain the most common sources of mold growth. The presence of mold can cause asthma attacks, respiratory infections, and allergic reactions among your guests, children, and pets.

In this case study, our mold remediation experts at White Glove Restoration will describe one of the most extreme cases of mold damage that we had to restore and clean up in our decades in the hygiene industry. We will also explain why the homeowners made the right call by contacting us instead of trying to go the DIY route.

Project Description

We received a call from a client reporting musty odors emanating from a room on his property. He lived in a building with a few rooms with no recent maintenance checks from property management. We already began forming a picture of what to expect after hearing him describe the odor.

He said it was a pungent and stale smell, similar to rotting wood, and it was getting stronger every month. We said that if he could get visual confirmation of what we would need to work with, it would help us give him a more accurate quote. He came to the abandoned room and found a leak in the foundation, which caused mold spores to grow on nearly every surface.

When our mold removal/testing team arrived on the scene, we saw the doors, walls, and ceilings were black with mold. There was a smattering of mold in every corner, and we found that even on covered surfaces like the closet interior, mold growth persisted. It was one of the most extreme cases of mold remediation we had to handle, but we had the equipment and training for it.

Project Solution

We broke out our industrial dehumidifiers and removed all the moisture in the air. We opened every door and window to dry every surface inside the room and the adjacent bathroom, which also had traces of mold growth.

The mold spores did not stand a chance, and around 95% of them were dead by the time we got to the disinfection phase of our treatment. We applied eco-friendly cleaning solutions that didn’t spread irritants in the air, and we used them to eliminate the surviving 5%. We sponged and scrubbed every corner of the affected rooms and then fogged them to ensure we left no mold spore alive.

After ensuring that the rooms were 100% mold-free and clean, we sealed the walls and ceilings with antimicrobial paint.

Project Results

Our client was happy to gain some new real estate on his property. We don’t know whether he will use the room as storage, a game room, or a second dining room, but he won’t have to worry about mold anymore. As long as the property manager fixes the leak in his foundation, he should not find any mold or mildew regrowing in this room or other areas of his property.

Contact a Professional Mold Removal and Testing Team

Mold inspection and removal can be a complex project for people with no professional experience. When your house and health are on the line, it’s usually best to enlist the help of professionals. Call White Glove Restoration today at (619) 776-3131, and get a free inspection from our professional team in San Diego.

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