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Mold Removal Project in Chula Vista

Residential mold removal and reconstruction projects are some of our favorite jobs here at White Glove Restoration. Whenever clients call us about mold, we recognize that the health of their children, pets, and guests could be in danger. As you browse through our project photos below, you can usually find hard-to-spot mold damage in unseen areas where moisture and condensation accumulate.

Sometimes, indoor areas that receive a high dose of daily sunlight can still conceal mold spores, even if their moisture levels are constantly low. If you leave mold spores unattended for years, they can cause numerous health hazards ranging from wheezing, coughing, and various pulmonary allergic reactions to skin problems and eye irritation.

Project Description

You can find mold in virtually every natural setting. Sometimes, the mold invades the man-made structures we call home and interact with every day. When this occurs, mold removal and reconstruction from a qualified professional restoration company can help.

This residential client from Chula Vista began engaging with our mold inspection team after smelling a musty odor in various rooms of the apartment. Stains started to show up around the molding and in parts of the wall away from direct sunlight and immediate sightlines. Some discoloration was also apparent in spots near outlets and window frames where the wall cuts off to accommodate these features.

Project Solution

Our technicians often find mold around window sills and frame ledges and in bathrooms where wood, carpeting, and wallpaper absorb water from steam. In this apartment, removing the outer layer of the drywall was the first thing we had to do to reveal the presence of mold.

Our mold remediation team began to discover large swaths of fungal spores. There was so much mold that some spots in the inner layer of the drywall were 100% black and encrusted. It was no wonder that poor air quality represented one of their most significant complaints that we had to resolve as mold remains one of the most common indoor air pollutants in California. And this apartment had plenty of it.

To remove the visible mold from this apartment unit, our technicians first had to figure out how the moisture accumulated in the inner layers of the drywall. Our technical term for this process is dehumidification, and we do it by getting rid of 100% of the moisture from the inner walls responsible for the growth of the mold spores.

We then began to trace the sources of moisture while removing the encrusted layers of the apartment walls. Luckily, we salvaged most of the inner layer of the drywall, so we began to disinfect it with mold killer. This eliminated 100% of fungal spores that we had to chip, wipe off, and clear after application. Some parts proved challenging to disinfect and repair, such as the area beneath the window frame and surrounding the electrical outlet in our project pictures. However, we got through them while keeping our high project standards.

After eliminating the visible mold and cutting off the ingress of humidity within the walls, it was time to remove the affected materials and disinfect the air. We began flushing the stale air out of the apartment unit and, with HEPA filters, filled it with fresh air free of particulate matter.

Project Results

This mold removal and reconstruction project is probably the most intricate and challenging in our book. Mold spores grew unhindered inside the walls for months. It took hours of disinfection and reconstruction to remove it.

We’re happy that the unit had excellent marks in clearance testing, and the homeowner was glad to be living in a mold and fungus-free apartment.

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Our mold removal and reconstruction professionals can eliminate mildew, mold growth, and fungal spores from any area of your home and restore your living space like new. We proudly use our decades of experience handling specialized equipment to create healthier homes and commercial properties across Chula Vista like this one.

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